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Kanazawa's lacquer ware
Kanazawa's lacquer ware History
Kanazawa's lacquer ware

Kanazawa's lacquer ware was born from techniques of some of the craftsmen that were invited by Kaga clan's third lord Maeda Toshitsune from Edo and Kyoto to work in the clan's workshops. It came to be a peculiar art combining the elegance of aristocratic culture and the power of samurai culture.


Kanazawa's lacquer ware is known for high pure quality that was favored by feudal lords and by richness of Kaga's golden powder lacquer pictures. The unique feature of it is that the daily-life utensils and tea ceremony utensils are made only in one exemplar.

The decoration technique known as Kaga's golden powder lacquer pictures is considered to be characteristic for this ware, and it is known for its rich beauty.

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