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Kanazawa Kutani pottery
Kanazawa Kutani pottery History
Kanazawa Kutani pottery

Kanazawa Kutani pottery started about 200 years ago, and till our days it uses an old technique of richly colored multilayered pictures, at the same time putting much effort in exploration of new methods. Nowadays the most cherished patterns are a-la-Mokubei, believed to be the representatives of Kanazawa Kutani, but there are many other well-known patterns, too.

A -la-Mokubei pattern is a back or red and pictures of people or other objects made in 5 main colors. There are many works in this pattern full of elegant sense.


The unique features of Kanazawa Kutani are very detailed pictures, much use of paint and a unique shade of red color. Gold over red, gold over five main colors, flower pictures, delicate writing - all these features of fine brushwork give a feeling of richness and style.

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